El algodón ecológico: beneficio medioambiental y social

Buscando información sobre el algodón ecológico, he encontrado este interesante video GROWING BACK TO ORGANIC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1sEeE7Y2gI donde se explica tanto los beneficios medioambientales que el cultivo de algodón ecológica genera como los beneficios sociales y económicos para los granjeros.

He transcrito abajo una parte (del minuto 4.49 al minuto 6:45):

‘’ In organic farming the cost of production is lower because you reduce the cost of inputs, you remove pesticides, you remove fertilizers, and you also remove the cost of the seed. The Project as well promotes fair trade ensuring that the farmer gets a fair price for their crops; they eliminate the use of a middle man by organizing farmers into a groups and selling directly to the mills. By teaming the farmers together they have more quant  to sell and the money is then distributed through the group. The middle man does is to lend money before the cropping season  and then he exploits the situation by reducing the price. He never pays the price that is determinate by the government . Organic cotton Farmers receive 8-15% higher premium over conventional cotton and those who produce Fair trade Certified cotton receive an extra 20-30% in premiums. Giving them 40-45% more than conventional cotton. The saving and profits benefit the group and they use to maintain the well being of the families and farmers involve. 15%  of the Fair trade Premium goes to the community development. One of the objectives of the project is to involve as many women as possible and this is in core of the agenda. In this program, for example, when a women member wants to put a child in school or in a health center we assist her. The member of the village organization make a resolution and lend her 200 rupees which she repays in a few days. We are all benefiting from this and we are very happy.’’

Espero que os guste.

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